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We try to help all swimmers reach their goals, from first "B" bar to making Olympic Trials!
The Best Is Yet To Come
USA Swimming Safe Sport and BGNW Marlins Policies on TRAVEL, BULLYING, and ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION

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04/24/17: Morning practices and dry-land will resume this Wednesday, April 26, 2017
For dry-land, please be sure to send swimmers with a fleece or pull-over as we will be trying to get outside to train as the weather gets warmer!
04/24/17: The Calendar Page has been updated - May and June entries are posted
Marlins Top 10 Times 2016-17   (as of April 18, 2017)
Marlins All-Time Top 20 Times 1983-2016 (as of April 27, 2017) 

18th Consecutive Boys & Girls Clubs National Champions!!!!! Way to Go Marlins!
Results and scores have been corrected!

03/07/17: SAVE THE DATE!!! Marlins Team Dinner - May 7, 2017 - at Doral Arrowwood
04/03/17: Great Swims at the Metropolitan Swimming Bronze Championship North!!!
03/31/17: News From Eastern Zone Age Group Championships in Webster, NY - Results are now posted!!!
Metropolitan Swimming won the Combined, Women, and Men Team Titles!
Sabrina Johnston
placed first place in many events:

   11-12 girls 100 free (NCSA cut and team record - 52.22)    
   11-12 girls 50 fly (26.31 - team record)
   11-12 girls 50 back (27.16 - team record)
   11-12 girls 100back (58.36) 
   11-12 girls 50 free (24.07)

   11-12 girls 400 free relay and 200 free relay and 200 medley relay

Nikita Sakharuk
finished 7th in the 11-12 boys 50 fly; 9th in the 200 IM; 4th in the 50 back; 10th in the 200 free; 3rd in the 100 back; 9th in the 100 fly.                                

Emma Zhu
finished 9th in the 11-12 girls 200 back; 6th in the 50 back  back; 9th in the 100 back; 8th in the 50 free & 1st in the 200 free relay
Grace Nadecki took 8th in the 11-12 girls 200 breast
Johnny Laidlaw
took 4th
in the 13-14 boys 500 free;
Luke McHugh swam in the 13-14 boys 200 free relay (1st Place) and finished 7th in the 100 free.

03/08/17: What are the differences between short course and long course seasons
Swimming for a club like the Marlins is a year round sport. Each swim season is divided up in short course yards season (SCY) September to April,  and a long course season (LCM) May to mid-August.
During the fall/winter SC season all over the northern hemisphere, meets are held in 25 meter pools, except in the USA where most SC meets are held in 25 yards pools.
During the LC season, most meets are held in 50 meter pools. Olympic swimming is held in an "Olympic Size Pool" which is 50 m long.
Competing in a 50 m pool is quite different from competing in a 25 yd pool. Swimmers entered in a 50 will not have to make any turns in a LCM pool! Swimmers entered in a 100 will only need to turn once at the 50 end of the pool.
Try not to compare your SC Yards times with the LC meter times. Just keep two sets of your best times!

Marlins Top 10 Times 2016-17
(as of April 18, 2017) 
Marlins All-Time Top 20 Times 1983-2016
Updated as of April 30, 2017 

What is the IMX Xtreme Challenge? click here - 2016-17 IMX SCY Rankings as of April 18, 2017 are posted here (TOP 10 below)  - Find your own IMX score  here
Virtual Club Championship: with 180, 746 points, the Marlins are 6th in Metro, 44th in the Eastern Zone and 142nd in the USA since September 2016 - click here for the report - Marlins Rankings vs. other Boys & Girls Clubs?  IMX  - VCC
Sabrina Johnston 12 Girls 4156 points 13th Tyler Hill 17 Boys 4439 points 98th
Ciara Dalton 15 Girls 4049 points 203rd Brian Glat 17 Boys 4050 points 181st
Sara Ketron 11 Girls 3297 points 275th Christopher Draper 16 Boys 3917 points 296th
Emma Zhu 12 Girls 3255 points 371st Johnny Laidlaw 14 Boys 3882 points 315th
Isabella Paez 12 Girls 3237 points 387th Nikita Sakharuk 11 Boys 3557 points 139th
Isabella Paez 13 Girls 3226points 804th Nikita Sakharuk 12 Boys 3370 points 261st
Kate Wohl 14 Girls 3190 points 822nd Jack Sullivan 16 Boys 3298 points 605th
Kate Wohl 13 Girls 3153 points 884th Sam Sweeney 17 Boys 3183 points 483rd
Grace Nadecki 12 Girls 3107 points 522nd Connor McHugh 10 Boys 2989 points 364th
Kathryn Posner 14 Girls 3038 points 981st Luke McHugh 14 Boys 2903 points 998th
REMINDER: Reminder Re.: Swim Meets  
Please be on deck, ready to swim, at least 15-20 minutes before the start of warm-up. Don't be late or you may be scratched! Come prepared!!! Make sure that you have your team suit, cap, goggles (+extra), towel, shirt, etc!!! Remember that everything you bring to the meet must be labeled (this includes your suit!!!)
Marlins Top 10 Times 2016-17  (as of 04/18/17) Marlins All-Time Top 20 Times 1983-2016 (as 04/30/17)
USA-S Database: click Here to find your best times Metropolitan Swimming Top 25 SCY - click here
Eastern Zone Top 10 Times SCY & LCM - click here Metropolitan Swimming Top 25 LCM - click here
10 Great Goals for Swimmers (as posted on USA Swimming Web Site)
Ways for the Swim Parents to Sabotage their Child's Swimming Career (from John Leonard, ASCA
The Unexpected Rites of Fatherhood - a story written by Robert Sullivan at TIME
10 Things that Swimming Parents do that Coaches can't stand (from Swimming World magazine)
Advice for Parents and Swimmers - Social Media and Student Athletes
1/23/09: Do not park alongside the driveway by the flag pole
Do not park at the STOP sign. Do not park and leave your car in the drop off zone
Parents and Swimmers: All Marlins MUST have their membership card with them when they come to practice
 and MUST check-in at the front desk. Thanks for your cooperation.

Important Info

Birthday To:

Dry-Land: will resume April 26, 2017

Morning Practice: will
resume in April 26, 2017

Inclement weather Notice


Bae Bounds
Alyssa Chen
Zachary Cole
Jack Czarkowski
Christopher Draper
Amelia Hammond
Holly Hulme
Sabrina Johnston
Aimee Koestler
Max Kolev
Mark McLaughlin
Daniel Sakharuk
Andre Tuncoglu
Michelle Washington
Henry Xue
Alicia Zhu

SR II & JR Teams:
Wednesday: 5:30-6:15pm

SR and NAT Teams
Wednesday: 6:40-7:20pm
Friday: 5:40-6:20pm

Please check the website regularly in case of cancellation due to bad weather or other event

What to wear for Dry-land? 
T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants, sneakers.
Bring water bottle

For Marlins 13 & Over
(some 12 & Under with prior permission from David)

Enter club through the back door.
Practices are held Wednesday and Friday 5:30am-7:00am

Please check the website regularly in case of cancellation
due to bad weather or other event

Practices will always be cancelled when the Boys & Girls Club is closed.

Delays and cancellations
will be posted on the website whenever possible,
on Cablevision Channel 12 news and on the radio at WHUD 100.7

When in doubt, call the club.  If it's closed .... there is no practice!

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