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We try to help all swimmers reach their goals, from first "B" bar to making Olympic Trials!  The Best Is Yet To Come
USA Swimming Safe Sport and BGNW Marlins Policies on TRAVEL, BULLYING, and ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION

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03/19/18: Final entries for the Bronze Championship North are now posted! Good luck to all!
Entries for the BG Clubs Nationals in Florida are now posted.

03/18/18: NCSA Junior National Spring Championship: News from Orlando, Florida - Results are posted - more info

Men's Medley Relay 2018 NCSA Team 2018 NCSA Team NCSA Men's Team NCSA Women's Team Men's NCSA Free Relay


03/14/18: Here are a few more pictures from the Metropolitan 8&Under Championships and Junior Olympics!!!

03/12/18: Great swims at Junior Olympics and 15-18 Team Challenge this past weekend!


03/08/18: Marlins Top 10 Times 2017-18  (as of 03/08/18)

02/16/18: SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, May 20 - Marlins Team Dinner at Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

12/21/17: Marlins All-Time Top 20 Times 1983-2017 (as12/21/17)

REMINDER: Reminder Re.: Swim Meets  
Please be on deck, ready to swim, at least 15-20 minutes before the start of warm-up. Don't be late or you may be scratched! Come prepared!!! Make sure that you have your team suit, cap, goggles (+extra), towel, shirt, etc!!! Remember that everything you bring to the meet must be labeled (this includes your suit!!!)

Marlins Top 10 Times 2017-18  (as of 03/08/18) Marlins All-Time Top 20 Times 1983-2016 (as12/21/17)
USA-S Database: click Here to find your best times Metropolitan Swimming Top 25 SCY - click here
Eastern Zone Top 10 Times SCY & LCM - click here Metropolitan Swimming Top 25 LCM - click here
10 Great Goals for Swimmers (as posted on USA Swimming Web Site)
Ways for the Swim Parents to Sabotage their Child's Swimming Career (from John Leonard, ASCA
The Unexpected Rites of Fatherhood - a story written by Robert Sullivan at TIME
10 Things that Swimming Parents do that Coaches can't stand (from Swimming World magazine)
1/23/09: Do not park alongside the driveway by the flag pole
Do not park at the STOP sign. Do not park and leave your car in the drop off zone
Parents and Swimmers: All Marlins MUST have their membership card with them when they come to practice
 and MUST check-in at the front desk. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Happy MARCH Birthday to:

Declan Ahearn
Sinceraty Alexander
Emily Cole
Patrick Fang
Olivia Friedel
Juliette Garofolo
Zayaan Hussain
Molly McGourty
Jack Murphy
Erick Roye
Ben Stern
Erick Summers
Ryan Sykes
Dani Taps
Rachel Townsend
Reese Wang
Sophie Wang
Finley White
Inclement weather Notice: 1/19/2018

When the Club is closed we will notify you, via email, regarding the status of practice once a decision has been made. We will also do our best to post the information on the website and facebook page.

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Marlins Top 20 (1983-2017)

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